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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

Yeah! I finally got into my blog! My son-in-law cleaned out my computer…huge, huge favor! But I haven’t been able to get back into my blog for a few reasons that are my fault and failure to think ahead. I tried something my daughter suggested tonight and it worked!! Yeah.

So now I can finally write my Five Minute Friday/Fellowship Friday post. Meanwhile, I got a lot of cleaning done while I wasn’t getting posts written.  Who knew? Ha!


A week ago, my friend called.

She was coming through town for one night.

Could she spend it with us?

Could she spend it with us?  Of course!!


I had a week to get all the mess that has been sitting in the guest room

Piled on the bed, loaded in boxes, overflowing from bookshelves…

Put away, thrown away or given away!

I have been getting more organized since the New Year

But the guest room/craft room had barely been touched.


However, this was Cheri.

It’s not like I have to be perfect for her.

I just needed the area cleared away

So there would be space to sleep and move around in.


I haven’t seen her in over a year!

We used to work together in a church in Texas.

Our husbands pastored together.

Now we are retired and they work in another church in Kentucky.


We need to talk…in person…

Eye to eye, face to face.

We don’t do well on the phone.

This is our chance to catch up…a bit.        stop


Her oldest child is now in college.

Her mom is ill.

There are a lot of changes in her life.

She will have just visited her daughter in college who is in a musical.

And will be headed home with the other daughter.

I’m sure we’ll catch up…somehow.


The bed is cleaned off.

The room is not pristine, but is in much better shape than it was.

Bags and bags of trash have been thrown out.

Bags of stuff have been given away.

More is loaded in the car to take out Monday.

A few things are up for sale.


We’re in good shape for a one night stay.

The bathrooms are clean.

The egg casserole will cook in the crockpot Sunday night

And we’ll enjoy it Monday morning before they leave for home.

What fun!

Is anything more fun than a visit with old friends?