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Hi all!

Today is my day to catch up.  Yes, I know I didn’t get my normal Monday blog post up.  I’ve had company for the weekend…my cousin.  A fun visit for sure, but I didn’t want to spend it ALL on the computer…and studying for my post!

So this is my Wednesday post before I go to work.  Tomorrow or Thursday, I will get my Monday post up.  All in good time, my dears!

Yes, things are a bit scrambled…and will continue to be for the next couple of weeks as I complete my course for certification for my RN, get ready for a big garage sale the end of March and…oh yes! work a few evenings a week!  ACH!  I don’t do well going this many directions at the same time.

For your reading enjoyment, here is an interesting article written by Carrie’s brother, Micheal, that tells many of the details about her condition and the miracles that happened along the way!   There were even more miracles involved than I knew.  She is now back in Peoria in rehab where she is near her family and regaining her strength!

Continue to pray for Kellie.  She is starting her fourth week of radiation (of her brain tumor).  From this week until week 6 when she will be done, the side effects are expected to get much worse and can include radiation sickness as well as immuno-suppression.  She and Matt, as well as their children, would appreciate your continued prayers for all of them!

As we think about who GOD is and who we are in Christ, we can boldly go to the throne of GRACE and find grace to help in time of need.

These are comforting words to me as well as some of you who, like me, find it easy to be cynical about what GOD will do in a given situation.  I find it difficult to believe that He will do good for me and those I am praying for.  I hope for it, but I often doubt that He will do it.

Seeing His answer with Carrie, has been very encouraging to me, both in terms of my trust in GOD and what He will do.   It has coordinated well with my study of GOD and His attributes, adding a real life dimension to the study.  It has taken it from a study of facts and information about GOD to a place of getting to know HIM better.

Bye for now.  I’ll be back with you Wednesday or Thursday.  I haven’t forgotten you…at all.