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Today I’m writing for Five Minute Friday (where you can find the rules) at Lisa-Jo and Fellowship Friday #6  at Christian Mommy


Have you ever left a visit with someone you love with an empty feeling?

A feeling that comes from feeling that you didn’t connect?

Maybe the visit was a few hours…or a few days?

But the conversations never got beneath the surface

Of the mundane, the superficial, the news of the day…


A part of you wanted to ask the great question…

The one that would pierce through the noise and busy-ness.

Beneath the preoccupation with schedules and life

To what is going on in the heart and soul.

But somehow, it didn’t happen.

You never could figure out that amazingly great question.


You couldn’t find the right words.

And the words you found didn’t work out well.

You realized that maybe you were more of a stranger than you thought.

How did it happen?

Your close friend became a stranger and isn’t interested in the closeness you want.



Five Minute Friday