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What’s been happening lately?  I thought you might be interested.  I finished these chairs and reupholstered them as well.  I had hoped to paint them a bold color but could never get the right bold color to come forth so I did a less exciting one with spatters of bolder less matchy colors that I hope will work.  I have used one of these chairs with red upholstery but never finished the second.  Now the pair is complete…and I love them!

I enjoyed visiting some master gardens this past weekend.  My battery pack on the camera gave out, so I didn’t get photos of the final few…unfortunately!  Here are glances of some early gardens.


My grandchildren are starting on birthdays for the year.  Hope you enjoy some of their celebrations!

In a couple of weeks, our last grand…for now, will be arriving.  I’ll have photos of her as well…making May a big month for grands with 3 out of 7 born then…and a fourth born April 30!  She missed May by one day.

Meanwhile, Ron and I are getting ready for some big trips this summer.  It will be the first time we will travel overseas alone since we have been married…I think.  He will be going to Africa the end of April for a week of teaching pastors in Togo.  It is looking like I will be returning to Ukraine with Dawn and Steve for two weeks to help them with the two babies on the long trip back and the settling back in.  Then I will return to the US…back to my quiet life.  I’m working ahead for that…and with my social security to help with the weeks I don’t work, we will manage to survive.

We are tying up many loose ends with doctors, shots, etc. making sure all our health issues and immunizations are up-to-date and resolved before we go out of the country.  You could pray for both of us as Ron makes contacts for donations for his Mission trip and we trust GOD to provide for my trip as well.  (I can’t really call it a mission trip.)

Quinn (left) now 6, is our April birthday girl. Shown here with younger sister who "helped" mom bake cupcakes for her class party.

It has been feeling good to cross some major items off the to do list!  I have plenty to go, but I was getting overwhelmed by the length of the list I had to work on.  I’m getting to do some of the fun ones now.  That is a good thing.

How is your Spring going?

Are you working on projects and getting them done?

Are you overwhelmed by lots of chores needing to be done and not knowing where to start?

Or are you are in survival mode and just hanging on by your fingernails?

No matter where you are on the continuum, find a place to start and do something.  You will be amazed at how empowering it is to finish something…even if it isn’t the most important thing to do!

Then move on to the next task and complete it.  Eventually, you will be able to prioritize, but if you can’t right now, just pick up one of the tasks and finish it.  As Elisabeth Eliot has said, “Just do the next thing.”  Once it is done, move on to the next one.  You will be surprised how quickly the jobs will get done once you start doing them.  If some can be delegated, that will shorten your list even faster…and it is a wonderful skill to learn!

However, if you are in survival mode…keep persevering!  We all have seasons in our lives when at times we are obviously productive, and at others, it seems that nothing is getting accomplished.  That doesn’t mean nothing is happening, it often means we just can’t tell right now.  Someday, it will show…just maybe not right now…and you are developing character!