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Here I am“…

That is what I think of when I think of the word “here”.

I don’t just think of it as “here”, a specific spot on the planet.


It is more than just geography.

It also relates to a place in history.

I am living in a special time in history.


GOD sovereignly place me here for a reason.

So not only am I here to glorify him in the geographical location where He has placed me.

I am also to glorify Him in the historical location where He has placed me.


It has been an interesting space I have taken up.

I was born in the first year of baby boomers…1946.

It was at the end of World War II.


Much of my childhood was a time of relative peace.

Yes, we prepared ourselves for bombs to be dropped by the “communists”.

But we knew we were the most powerful country in the world.


We could do anything we set our minds to if we worked hard enough.

Having a good work ethic was important.

No one wanted to be thought of as lazy…or wasteful.                                   STOP


During my college days came the Viet Nam War…

Then the sit-ins to express views against the war…and more rebellious behavior as well.

There were hippies, drugs, “free sex”, women’s lib and mixed in all of this came Martin Luther King.


My first year of college began with Kennedy’s assassination.

My last year ended with the killings of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King!

Now these things are more commonplace.  Back then, they shook our world.


The search for equality continues…for blacks, women, homosexuals, and other disenfranchised groups…

I’m not sure if there really is such a thing for anyone.  Who of us is the same?

Some take advantage of their gifts more than others.

Some just like to whine…and live in the misery of life’s supposed unfairness.

We each have to choose whether we want to be miserable or joyful…


In many ways, our country has progressed.

But morally and relationally, we are slipping.  We forget we humans are made in GOD’s image.

That it is there we will find our equality…not in our stridency or our thirst for fairness.


We don’t consider time spent with others as important.

Our time here on earth is all too short.

We need to make the most of our opportunities to love each other and learn from each other.


To spend time with each other while we can.

We won’t be geographically or historically present for long.

We don’t know the length of our stay.


We just need to spend our time well.

Doing things that are important eternally…

Like building relationships instead of our own personal kingdoms.


Being present when we are with others instead of on our little machines…or playing with our toys.

We need to relate…and look in each others’ eyes when we talk.  It is a sign of respect for one another.

Enjoy the place where you are today with all of its joys and challenges!


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