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Welcome to a Place of Hope

photo: Gayle Sankey Clegg

Hi! Welcome

I’m Martha. I’m so glad you came to visit. This is a place for women who are scared,  overwhelmed, brokenhearted and losing hope. One thing we can find together is hope. The Biblical kind that is confident expectation in the person and promises of GOD!

In 2015, my husband had a stroke which changed our lives on many levels. I waited the required year after to see what the final outcome of his recovery would be, and when the time was up, I experienced a very dark time despite the fact that he had improved considerably.

I began seeking out how to find hope for a person who is scared, overwhelmed and brokenhearted. Because I ran the gamut of all those feelings. Often, I still do.

We all need the encouragement of GOD’s Word to remind us of who GOD is, what His promises are and how certain our hope is in Him! It is not because of how strong our faith is but because of who the One is in whom we place it!

But let  me back up a bit and tell you a little about myself. I am a wife of just over 50 years to a now retired pastor, a mom of 3 daughters who are grown and married, with 7 grands. I’m also an RN.

We have lived in a variety of places in our years of ministry including Jamaica, FL, TX, IL and now AL near one of our daughters.

Now that COVID has arrived, our neat, controlled worlds have all been turned upside-down. It makes no difference what our age or stage in life, everything has changed. The things we once based our hope on have all shifted.

Come join us as we find hope together in Christ! We’re all learning new ways to trust Him as we discover places we once thought we firm are now shifting out from under us.

Martha Grimm Brady


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Knowing the one true GOD helps us grow up in that we learn to see ourselves in lilght of the GOD of the Bible!

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