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Hi, My name is Martha Brady.

I write to those of you who are lonely, scared, overwhelmed or brokenhearted. Many of you are older, some of you are like me and are caregivers. 

I have been alive for 75 years and married for over 50 of those years to Ron, a pastor. We had three daughters and seven grands and have lived in Florida, Jamaica, Texas and Illinois during our years of ministry. I am also a retired RN who worked my last five years of work in a Rehab Hospital. 

Our Story

In 2015, two years after we both retired and moved to AL, my husband Ron, had the first of four strokes.  As a result, he now has vascular dementia. My caregiving is not as complex as that of many others, but I am still his caregiver. 

In conversations with other women I find very few resources for them during this particular time. Of course, I feel for men who have never learned to cook. That must really be tough. I don’t mean to exclude any men from reading here, but most often, I tend to refer to the caregiver as she/her and the person receiving the care as he/him. Occasionally, I switch for the sake of you who are the reverse of my situation.

As time went on and Ron had reached his maxImum healing after #1 stroke, I found I was drowning in grief and sadness…and the details I needed to know to navigate life.

How were we going to survive this new chapter of life? I often felt very alone and as if I was drowning in details. What had happened to my faith? I knew the problem wasn’t with GOD. It was a dark time. Fortunately, I found help from one of my pastors. Not all of you are so fortunate I realize. I also had friends who had navigated the caregiving experience. They were very helpful as well.

I needed hope and encouragement and I suspect you do too.

We all need the encouragement of GOD’s Word to remind us of who GOD is, what His promises are and how certain our hope is in Him! It is not because of how strong our faith is but because of who it is in whom we place our hope!

We also need the encouragement of other Believers who can tell us truth, not lies. A really great place to meet them is a good church. That is also a great place to find encouragement as we hear Biblical preaching, worship corporately, and minister together in community.

How can I help you?

As someone who has lived through caregiving in real life, has a nursing background, has walked with GOD for most of my life, I have help to offer you. I have never done any of these things perfectly. I don’t think anyone feels they have. But caregivers need to know that they can give good care and learn to function as imperfect people, don’t we? None of us are experts at everything. Some things we do well, some things we do okay…and we have to live with that.

With COVID, our somewhat neat, controlled worlds have all been turned upside-down. It makes no difference what our age or stage in life, everything has changed. The things we once based our hope on have shifted for all of us. You may not be a caregiver, or even be an older adult. But you may need some of the help I have for you here.

Here and there you will notice some quilting themes tucked in. I am a quilter. It’s fun for me. But it has also taught me a lot about life and its realities as well. I’ll be adding some new posts to make the connections about what quilting has taught me about life.

Come join us as we find hope together in Christ! We’re all learning new ways to trust Him as we discover places we once thought were firm are now shifting out from under us.

Here are some ways I am offering you encouragement…

  • I offer posts for you on Mondays. Some are rewrites of older posts that many haven’t seen. My purpose in writing is for encouragement of your spirit as well as for practical help.
  • I am developing free material to help you for such things as Knowing when to go to the Emergency Room, What to Take when Leaving for the Emergency Room, Encouraging Bible Verses to Remind you of Truth, etc.
  • I am also developing some small E- books for you at a small cost so you will have information available when you need it. I will let you know when they are available.
  • This month (May 2021) I plan to begin my free monthly newsletter that is meant to be full of encouragement and truth for you if you subscribe below on the marked locations. This is new for me so I will need lots of feedback.
  • As you read here, please comment if there are topics you would like to hear more about that would be helpful along the lines of my stated purpose.

I know, that was a long read! Congrats on making it through!

Photo: Steve Sparks