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There was a girl who felt lost and alone

Even in a crowd.

She wanted to feel accepted and part of the group.

She tried too hard.


The more she tried

The more she wasn’t accepted.

She was a little goofy.

She hoped her humor would help others like her.

But it didn’t.

She just felt more alone

And off the beaten track.


She knew she didn’t fit in.

She wondered if she ever would.

After she graduated from high school

where she mostly didn’t fit in.

And went to Bible college for almost 2 years

Where she fit in a little more.


She went to the city and studied to be a nurse.

She seemed to fit in better there than she had anywhere else before.

She married and learned more about what it means to function as an adult christian in a church.

She learned what her spiritual gifts were.

She already knew what they weren’t.

When she learned what they were,            STOP

It was like a light went on.

There was a purpose behind so much of what she had lived through.


One of her gifts was encouragement.

She had always longed for someone to encourage her…

In ways that were meaningful.

Not just to tell her that her dress was pretty

Or that she was cute.

But that she had something unique to contribute…

And specifically what that unique thing was!

As time went on, she actually received that kind of feedback occasionally.

It always touched her in that tender place that made her cry…

Or want to.


To think that GOD could use her to encourage a person who felt lost and alone

To look to Jesus or

Find friends who cared about them in this life.

To think that her children could grow up to be confident women who knew

Their strengths and weaknesses.

Who knew their parents loved them, no matter what.

Who knew they were whole and pure and good…in Christ.

And that they could pass this on to their children.


What a gift!

What a wonderful miracle of grace!

That GOD could change this lonely, lost girl

As she learned to love others.


Fellowship Friday #28


Five Minute Friday