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Five Minute FridayFive Minute Friday has rolled around quickly again this week!  Most of you who read this already know what it is, but I’ll review in case you don’t.

  • Write for 5 mintues and don’t look back.  I usually read it over for misspellings and grammar.  It’s too stressful for me, to put out something that has those errors in it.
  • Link to Gypsy Mama…Grand Dame of Five Minute Friday.
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Risky living.

What is it?

Is it found when we travel to a foreign country and

live in difficult circumstances for a time?



Is it found in skydiving, fast living, driving racecars, unhealthy behaviors?

Maybe, but there are other names for that kind of lifestyle

that have nothing to do with taking a wise, well-thought-out risk.


Have you ever noticed the feeling in your stomach that knots up

or in your head when it starts pounding

and tells you you are doing something that is very scary…at least for you?


Sometimes, it is “only” an apology.

It is to a person who has wronged you severely,

but you took it out on them by holding a grudge

or gossiping about them

or keeping a grudge alive in your heart as you kept adding the points against them!


The day may have come when you knew you must apoligize

not because of something another person told you to do…

but the voice of the Spirit kept after you.

Quietly reminding you of the depth of His forgiveness of you

and your need to put words to your forgiveness of the person…

or your apology…for resenting, gossiping, not letting the grudge go!



You did it.  Your heart was pounding the whole time.

You wondered if you even meant it.

Later, you realized you did

and truly were sorry.                                                                         STOP


In your conversation, you learned of other things going on at the time.

As you listened to her heart, you realized that she was struggling too!

You moved an inch or a step closer to a relationship that day.


This was someone you are starting to see as a human being,

not an enemy.

Yes, the relationship will always be a struggle…

but it will be worth it for Christ’s sake!


What is risky living?

It is moving toward an enemy with the goal of friendship.

Only GOD is able to work this kind of miracle.



“But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you…”

Luke 6: 27  (cf. Luke 6:27-36, Matthew 5:43-48)


For further resources, see with teaching, conference info, conciliation help, resources for children, teens and adults for all types of relationships including couples on verge of divorce.  There is a wealth of help here.