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photo: CCO public domain graphic: Martha G. Brady

One of the definitions of “alone” is unique or set apart.

I never thought of alone in those terms.

With that definition, alone sounds very special


It sounds like something I want

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be unique or set apart from the pack?


Those are the people who excel.

They have something special to contribute to society.

Who wouldn’t want to be one of them?


They are the people who scale mountains

And win races.

They push themselves to go beyond expectations.

They step outside of the boxes around them

Asking “Why” or “Why not?”


They are also the ones who quietly do their best

Because it is best for those they love.

They aren’t looking for applause.

They just love serving the One who sees behind the scenes.    stop


He will give out rewards one day

“Well done, good and faithful servant. 

Enter into the joy of your reward.”

So we use the gifts we are given

The quiet ones, the obvious ones.

He will give out rewards one day Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your reward. Click To Tweet

We each have a unique set of gifts that sets us apart.

In that way, we are alone.

But we aren’t really alone.


We have the rich resources of Christ available to us.

Thanks be to GOD!