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photo: iStock 11604039

photo: iStock 11604039



So elusive.

I look around me and it seems to be in the faces of many.

But when I listen, I don’t often hear it.


I hear laughter that often passes for joy.

But it can often be derisive, sarcastic, empty, even joyless.

And when I hear the words of people around me

I don’t often hear true joy.


I think joy would also embody contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment.

How often do I hear those expressions?


Then I look at my thoughts.

There lie pools of darkness I don’t want anyone to know about.

Certainly not large areas of joy, contentment and satisfaction.            

When I look deeply, I tend to find dissatisfaction, regret, sadness and grief.  STOP


How often is my laughter a screen that hides sadness and not a reflection of a joyful heart?

How often do my words give me away?

Telling the truth of my heart that complains, regrets, doesn’t truly believe

GOD is in control of all the particulars of my life.


Learning to find contentment in Christ in this time of life

Where there seem to be so many “good-byes” is the challenge

I have had during all of my life.

It is not something new to learn.


It is something to continue learning as I walk with GOD.

Trusting Him in ways I didn’t used to trust Him. . .

Because I felt so capable, so competent.

It turns out I wasn’t as competent as I thought I was.


But His grace was with me anyway.

He was working out my salvation in ways I never dreamed.

He was growing me in directions I didn’t want to go.


Thank you Jesus for your patience and longsuffering.

Thank you for your grace that has been plentiful and lavish.

Thank you for the wonderful, joyful life you have given me.

I don’t deserve any of it. . .and that is grace!


I’m joining Fellowship Friday #14 and Five Minute Friday today.  The rules for Five Minute Friday are found on the website here.