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It’s FMF time again.  This week has flown with extra work.  I thought I’d be working an extra day today but it didn’t materialize at the last minute and I’m grateful!

The rules to this game are simple:

  • Write for 5 minutes.  If you go over as I often do, let us know when the 5 minutes are up!  Minimally edit and move on!
  • Link to Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday page.
  • Most important of all, apart from writing the post of course, is stopping by the person ahead of you and writing them a note of encouragement!  You can do it for others too of course, just be sure you do it for that person.



“Not again!”

How often did you hear those words in childhood?

Or was it just me?

They still echo in my head…


I trip or commit some act of clumsiness

still a not uncommon feat for me!

I fail to live up to my expectations of myself

as a wife, friend, mother, human.

Sometimes they are GOD’s expectations too.


I sin.  Over and over.

It is the same old thing.

The words echo in my head,

“Not again!”

“You will never change.”


“All those verses about God making you new in Christ…

They can’t be true.”


Of course, you know where those words come from don’t you?

They come from Satan,

Who is also known by his other name, The Accusor!

Knowing the source helps me discern.

Which words are true.  Which aren’t?


So I must bow the knee.

I look at myself and see sin and failure.

I don’t measure up.

I mess up, again and again!


In Christ, I am new, fresh, clean, unstained…even competent.

He never tires of my coming to Him for forgiveness…

Or thanking Him, or asking Him when I am in need.