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Five Minute Friday is here once again…after a one week break by Gypsy Mama.  She has to go on vacation sometime!  The rules are simple:

  • Write on the word for 5 minutes…no looking back.
  • Link to the Five Minute Friday page on Gypsy Mama’s website.
  • Don’t forget the most important part: stop by to give an encouraging word to the person before you…and anyone else you want!

I sing songs like, “More Love to Thee, O Christ” and many others with a similar message.

But honestly, I’m not sure I love Him in the way I need to.

You know, that joyful, contented way of being satisfied not only with Him,

But with the gifts He gives…all of them.


Is Jesus enough?

If  “all” I had was Jesus like fellow believers in many parts of the world, would I be satisfied?

I’ve always been a rather “antsy” person.

I have difficulty sitting still.  I was a finger sucker/ nail biter until age 14.


I seem to always have something  nearby that I am messing with.

My brain is often running at 100 miles an hour…now it’s maybe only running at 90.

When it is time for bed at night, I have difficulty turning it off!

I thought my uniqueness extended there and sitting still and being content was something I wouldn’t experience.


I have though.  I have experienced periods of contentment.

With age and less energy available to “change the world”,

I have come to see that contentment with Jesus is something I need to develop at a deeper level.                                STOP

Logically, when I think through all He is and has done, I find much to be content about.


It’s just that when I look at my life, I always seem to find things that I wish were there.

I wish my children lived closer.  I wish this.  I wish that.  I want to change this or that.

There is always something.  I certainly don’t think it is a problem with Jesus.

I think it’s me.  I haven’t learned to be content.


I need to find fulfillment in my relationship with Christ and the things He has provided…

Because I know one thing

Jesus IS enough!  Whether I feel it or not.