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beetlepillowWow!  This week flew by so fast that I’m breathless!  It seemed that other than the 2 days I worked for pay, the week flew…as we finished more and more details related to getting the house on the market!    Just when one area got clean, I’d come across another area that hadn’t been touched…and the clock was ticking!

On Thursday morning I went to Marshall’s and found some goodies to spruce up the bathrooms and other parts of the house.  A colorful beetle pillow, a large vase with beach sayings on it, a smaller filigreed candle holder that also could double as a vase…and a beautiful ceramic blue bird.  These and other fun items added some life and variety to their new rooms…but I must move on.

The headache that seemed to plague me for much of the week slowly left after the photos of the house were taken Thursday afternoon at 3:30 PM…and the house was listed.

Now we have entered the next stage: SHOWING the house.  The first to see it will come tonight at 7PM.  We’re also still finishing up a lot of the minor jobs…and plan to do a few more things this week.


BR1Friday morning came, along with two more appointments for showings…for Friday evening and Saturday morning.  Then the realtor called.  “Are you sitting down?”  she said.


“You have an offer for the full asking price of the house from the first couple that saw the house last night!”

“What?  You’re kidding!”

“There is a down-side.”

“What is it?”

“You need to be out by April 22 + 3 days.”

“Oh my!  I guess I’d better get moving!”

Yada Yada….She came to the house about noon and we signed to accept the offer!  Thank you Lord!

So now, on to Five Minute Friday.  This is why my post didn’t get up until Sunday!

The Rules:

  • Write for 5 minutes flat and leave it at that…no editing, or very minimal.
  • Link to Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday page.
  • Leave an encouraging note for the person ahead of you…and any others you want to message.




“Remember this?”

“Do you remember who xx is?  I have a note from this company and I don’t remember who they are.”

“Oh, look at this picture.  Remember when we lived there?  It doesn’t seem that long ago, but the kids were little at that house and 2 of them are in their 40’s now!”


BR2I used to hate that I had such a great memory.

I remembered all the bad things that had happened…all the hurts I had suffered…the slights meted out to me.

I hated being able to remember them so well!  It caused such agony and stress.


Learning to remember the good things that happened was a long, arduous process.

The encouraging words that had been said…the kindnesses done…the offers of help not accepted.

I came to realize that my “memory” of all the ugly things was a symptom of my heart that was full of resentment and bitterness.

It blocked my being able to remember GOD’s goodness and grace.


I had not learned to forgive.  I really hadn’t even learned how to forgive.

GOD brought many models into my life…and much truth as well.

I have learned to forgive, or begun the process of forgiving in many relationships.

It is a journey of faith in GOD’s sovereignty and wisdom.


The challenge is to watch Jesus.  How did He forgive?

I must learn to do it with the Spirit He used.

I must forgive as He did…freely and thoroughly.

Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.