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We’re joining Five Minute Friday and Fellowship Friday 13 today.

The prompt is CROWD.


The minutes tick by methodically.

Soon they become hours.

The days pass in a blur.

One by one in line.

Marching along like soldiers

In neat lines.  Tick-tock, tick-tock. . .


The way I use my time shoves the soldiers out of the way

Like a big rock in their way.

Displacing them a bit,

But they just keep marching on.


Each day has something to do.

The things that must be done. . .

Laundry, meals, dishes, cleaning. . .

All the mundane duties that hardly merit adding to the to-do list.


Then there are the things I must do. . .

Shopping for food, household needs, clothing, projects for the house,

Attending worship, involvement in ministry, preparation for leadership opportunities. . .STOP


And the things I want to do. . .

Dates with my husband, activities with friends, activities with children and grandchildren. . .


When I put all those things into my marching lines of soldiers, they start to get crowded out.

It becomes more and more difficult for them to march and progress.

It becomes more and more difficult to march unobstructed.


The demands on my time and energy begin to sap me.

They crowd out my time sentrys.

I have to choose between the things that are good and the things and people who are better.

Because I don’t want to crowd out the best things by doing mostly the mediocre and unimportant.

By doing the unimportant and missing out on the important and eternal.