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"Hosanna," was sung by the fickle crowd to Jesus but days later, they yelled, "Crucify!" It's easy to get caught up with the fickle crowd isn't it?

Photo: Canva

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Palm Sunday: that was the day it looked like everyone loved Jesus, The disciples must have been so excited. Was Jesus’ kingdom going to start now? It must have been so exciting! Yet in just a few days, their hopes were dashed. It seems that no one liked Jesus at all! These people who were singing hosanna were very fickle indeed.

The crowds liked Jesus for what they could get from Him…healing, demons thrown out, and sometimes even food, But when it got to His true message: Take up your cross and follow me; Love God and love others until it hurts; The least is the greatest in my kingdom. This wasn’t nearly as popular.

The people who understood Jesus’ message were the Pharisees and religious leaders and they hated Jesus. Everything He stood for was the opposite of what they wanted.

By the end of Holy Week, it looked like Satan had won the victory. But actually, Jesus had won. He paid for sin. He finished the job He came to do. It was finished. The job was complete. The penalty for sin had been paid for completely.

On that first Palm Sunday, it looked like everyone loved Jesus. But looks were deceiving. Within just a few days, that same crowd was screaming, “Crucify Him!”

But on Palm Sunday? It looked like everyone was worshipping Jesus. Sometimes it looks that way. It’s not always true though. Once people understand the real message of Jesus, they don’t always worship Him. From our perspective, we can sing the following song and mean the words…more than those on Palm Sunday did!


  1. All glory, laud, and honor
    To You, Redeemer, King,
    To Whom the lips of children
    Made sweet hosannas ring.
    You are the King of Israel
    and David’s royal Son,
    Now in the Lord’s name coming,
    The King and Blessed One.
  2. The company of angels
    Is praising You on high;
    And we with all creation
    In chorus make reply.
    The people of the Hebrews
    With palms before You went;
    Our praise and prayer and anthems
    Before You we present.
  3. To You before Your passion
    They sang their hymns of praise;
    To You, now high exalted,
    Our melody we raise.
    As You received their praises,
    Accept the prayers we bring,
    For You delight in goodness,
    O good and gracious King!

by Theodulph of Orleans, ca.820
          tr. by John M. Neale, 1851