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The weeks fly by.  This has been a fun one for us!  We have a daughter and granddaughter visiting from Seattle.  They are staying with our local daughter and the cousins are having lots of fun together.

We realize we are old…or as I’m teaching Mia, we are vintage.  We get tired quicker and take breaks to go home and rest so we can enjoy the next part of the visit.

Last night we went to the weekly Greene Street (Farmer’s) Market downtown.  It is much more than just fresh produce…all locally grown!  It is a fun experience with part of the street closed off, live music, yummy food, AND delicious produce.  The kids had fun, there was a display of Irish dancing and even a chance for the children to try their hand at it!  Overall, it was a fun experience for all!  Surprisingly, even we ran into some people we knew.

But back to FMF!

I’ve mentioned the rules before.  If you need a reminder, check Lisa-Jo Baker’s page.



Time…it is a gift

A present

It keeps moving on

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

In it metronomic precision

It has no mercy.

There are no pauses.

No grace periods

It keeps on moving.

It takes no vacations.


Meanwhile, I want to pause it.

I want a break to think on the past.

To relive the delightful parts of it…

Forgetting its difficulties.

Or I want to think about the the future .

How much better it will be,

Particularly if the present is difficult.


The present?

Why do I not want to stay here?

It truly is a gift to enjoy.                      STOP

To enjoy the place where my children and grandchildren are now.

To relish the time I have with my husband now.

I don’t know how long I have with him…or anyone!

It is a time to deal with my “issues” now.

Even when they are painful,

Because they won’t be easier to deal with in the future!


The present is the gift I have today.

I need to enjoy it.

Delight in its joys

Grieve over its sorrows appropriately

Do the work for today

Then rest…and enjoy the people GOD has put into my life.

Thank you GOD for the gift of today!