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photo: © william87 -

photo: © william87 –

It’s Five Minute Friday once again.  I haven’t been able to participate every Friday this month because the topics haven’t melded, but this one will work.

The rules for FMF are:

  • Write for 5 minutes on the chosen word.
  • Link to Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog.
  • Stop by the person ahead of you and leave an encouraging note.  Visit as many others as you would like.  But you MUST visit the person ahead of you!  That is a non-negotiable!


Growing up!  It’s not always easy.

No matter how old you are!

As we grow, we often feel alone.

We are faced with the need to change.

Inadequate, vulnerable.


Sometimes through the kind words of a friend

Who tenderly points out an issue that needs change.

Sometimes through a harsh word spoken in haste

With motives of a person not seen as caring.

Other times a painful life experience comes into our lives

And we know our business-as-usual days are over.

Our lives change through each situation that arises                                         STOP


And GOD will chisel our lives into a thing of beauty as we go through life with Him and

the people with whom we are in community…



The Body of Christ

Who worship, serve, teach, encourage and love  one another…


Hand in hand with Jesus.


Our love for each other shows in different ways

As we help, encourage, teach, mentor, pray, nuture, worship, reconcile,

and lovingly rebuke and learn to receive rebuke…




We grow and hurt,

Rejoice and grieve,

Struggle and pray.

But we grow because GOD is the One who is in charge of growing us up…and out!
Thanks be to GOD!                                                                                                                                                  

Five Minute Friday





full disclosure:  I got 5 minutes+ done last nite but was falling asleep and couldn’t finish this post.  It’s the first time I have done a five minute friday in two sittings.  So there you have it.