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Five Minute Friday: It’s here again!  The rules are simple.  Write on the topic for 5 minutes.  Link to Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday page.  And most important, stop at the person ahead of you and leave her an encouraging note…along with anyone else you want to visit.



Graceful…full of grace.

The word can also have connotations that relate to one’s coordination,

But for my purposes today, we’ll concentrate on what it means to be full of grace.

When you think of a graceful woman, or man…

What do you think of?


I think of the ultimate “class act”.

You know that person who holds their tongue and behaves graciously

In a situation where they are being treated in a “tacky” way?

It means giving the gift of grace to a person who doesn’t deserve it…and moving on.

It means not holding that event against them and throwing it in their face, in the future.



The person who understands the gift of forgiveness she has been given…and how massive it is.

The one who passes on that forgiveness to those around her when they are being unkind.

When they are rude, sarcastic, complaining, difficult or just being patronizing.

Does she get the barbs in the sarcasm?  Yes.

But she refuses to respond to them in kind.                            STOP


Does he understand that some have gossiped about him instead of dealing directly with their disagreements?

Of course,  but he treats them with honor and respect.

Sometimes, after years, they understand the grace he was giving them.

Sometimes they never do.


But he goes into his sunset years with a peace and calm because he isn’t trying to get revenge.

GOD has given him grace…and the realization and appreciation that he is forgiven.

He knows GOD is good.  Justice is in His hands.

He knows his job is to glorify GOD in the way he lives his life.


That means showing grace to others.

No matter who they are.

No matter how they treat him.

Being graceful,

It is part of being an image-bearer of Jesus Christ.