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Once again, it is Five Minute Friday.  Because I put my post up late last week, I’ll be putting this one up late too.  There’s nothing like  getting a 5 Minute Friday done late Saturday night is there?

I have been working on a lot of projects this Spring.  I have been cleaning closets and drawers, throwing out, having a Garage Sale and generally doing a lot of extra chores around here. I ‘ve been trying to catch up…and I think I’m starting to succeed!

It has put me behind a bit on my blog.  However, I have been SO behind on my life that I needed to make the time to get control over the mess.  It’s nice to see our house and yard getting back into shape.  My flowers are blooming and fresh pots of flowers are cheering up the landscape.  I hope your spring is going well!

As for Five Minute Friday, it is the dream child of Gypsy Mama.  The rules are simple.

  • Write for 5 minutes on the given topic.  Then stop.  That’s it!  (I’m chicken.  I do read it over to be sure it makes sense.)
  • Link to the 5 Minute Friday Page.
  • Stop by the person ahead of you and give them an encouraging word.  Feel free to do to anyone else you find on the page!


How do you spell Community?  It starts with “V”.  I must be vulnerable.   Yes, you heard me right.  I must open myself up to be vulnerable to people I fear may hurt me.  And they well might!

Why is that important?  Because, when I am vulnerable to others, they see me…the real me, not that artificial, pretend actress that doesn’t exist.   They see the me that I am…for better or worse.  Then they relate on that basis.

How many times have you been trying to impress someone and behaved in a way that wasn’t “you”.  You may have even hoped none of your friends were around to see it.

Recently, I have been meeting with a few friends for prayer.  Our group has evolved in an interesting way.  We have known each other for a long time, but not in this way.

We each knew there was a problem we needed to pray about together.  A large part of the problem had to do with our attitudes.  I know, it was a tricky situation.  It could have degenerated into a gossip fest.    Fortunately, it didn’t.                   STOP

Interestingly, as we have met, each of us has been dealing with some issues that we needed to discuss and pray for.  It has been helpful to have a sounding board.  When we finish talking, we pray together…and eat lunch too!

Over the past few months, there have been times of confession of our own sins to each other.  We encourage each other to “do good.”  We encourage each other when we do the right things…or need to do right things that are difficult!

Interestingly, GOD has been making changes…both in the area where we knew there was a problem, in other areas we thought would never change and in the area of our own attitudes!  GOD is moving in a lot of obvious ways too.  It is interesting to watch Him working!

During the week, we pray for each other and if needed, check up on each other to be sure the others are doing okay.

There have been other times when I have been in groups like this.  They are wonderful.  Yet each one is unique.  This isn’t a Bible study, but some groups have been.

It is more like sharing our lives…and taking time to pray together.  Something happens when you share your life with others and pray honestly together.  Your souls get knit together in ways they weren’t before.

In a way, we are reminding each other of truths we already know…but mostly we are learning to put into practice the commands to encourage one another…and confess our sins to one another.

We are preaching the gospel to ourselves…or reminding each other of it as we bump into issues that need the Gospel’s outworking in the everyday of our lives…as we learn to forgive…truly.  Trust GOD for the future…even when it looks uncertain.  And take our faltering steps as we learn to walk by faith, not by sight.

We are each at different  stages of life…but we encourage and help as we can.

When we can accept and love each other when we know the worst, that is real community!  What we share is our love for Christ and His Word…and our commitment to Christ and His Church.  This kind of community is always a taste of heaven for me.

Have you ever experienced the kind of community where you can share your uglies and be forgiven?  

(I made some changes in this post to clear out some extra words on 10/17/12.)