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Once again, it’s Five Minute Friday.  The rules…for review:

  • Write for 5 minutes.  Don’t look back…much.
  • Link for Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday page.
  • Most important, stop by the person ahead of you and leave an encouraging message.


I’m calling you to minister…

Yes, your husband is the pastor.

Technically, it isn’t your job.


This means that when a child gets sick

You are the one who stays home.

Because of the family responsibilities you both carry,

You are usually the one who stays behind if it is necessary.

Because no one can preach for him on such short notice…

Unless he is ill!


Is it fair?

I don’t think that is the right question.

The things that must be sorted out are where do priorities lie?

When it comes to organized meetings that must be led,

Most of the time, husband must go to them.


He would rather be home.

Our top priority and responsibility was to OUR family.


There was no one else who could love them, minister to them,

Grow them, discipline them (in the good sense), encourage them,

And help them become functioning adults.


That often fell to me, the mom.

On occasion, it cramped my style..a bit,

But rarely.


Those were days GOD often used to say, “Martha, it is time to slow down. ”  STOP

“Stop.  Take time to be at home and be quiet.”

Stay with your sick child.”


I don’t get those days anymore.

The children are grown…and have their children.

But I often need to stay home or stay put in places or situations where I don’t want to be.


The older I get, the more it happens.

I’m learning to be content, but along with it comes a certain sadness.

photo: © Alanpoulson |