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Once again, it’s 5 Minute Friday.  The weeks seem to fly don’t they?

For this little game, we have 3 rules.  

  1. Write for 5 minutes and don’t look back.
  2. Link to Gypsy Mama’s 5 Minute Friday page.
  3. Whatever you do, don’t forget to stop by at the link before you and leave an encouraging message.

So let’s get on with the fun!



As you look at that older woman in your life

Or in the group where you are sitting.

What do you think about her?

Be honest about your thoughts.


Do you think, “Poor thing, her best years are behind her.”

Or maybe, “I’ll bet that woman hasn’t changed since 1963.

She has no idea what MY life is like.

It is so different from when her children were young.”

You may even wonder if she can remember that far back.


While it is true your thoughts may have been more kind, they also may have been more harsh.

So I’d like to educate you about women who are my age, 66ish…which isn’t all that old really!

I wish I knew about older women then, what I know now.


For one thing, we have probably been through more change in our lifetimes than you can even imagine!

Ask anyone in their sixties or older about what life was like when they were raising their children.

We didn’t have cell phones, personal computers, blogs or google…not that they would have helped!

We didn’t even have answering machines, much less caller ID.

And I’m only scratching the surface of what we didn’t have.

We did fine.  I’m not complaining.  That’s a topic for another day.


Our topic is “change”.

I’m trying to show how things have changed since then.

And how much change we have adjusted to, even when it didn’t look like we were changing.


In our heads, most of us think we are still in our 20’s or 30’s.

It’s only when we look in the mirror that we realize…

Whoops!  I guess a few more years have passed since then!


The reason I’m talking about this in the topic of change today

Is to tell you about a great resource you have.

It is the older women…of your church, community, family…                                   STOP

The ones that have aged with joy and grace usually have a wonderful sense of humor.


They will be kinder to you than you are to yourself, for the most part.

When you think you have messed up, they might agree with you…

But they’ll help you put it into perspective.

There is no mess-up that is too big for the Father’s forgiveness…

If we are willing to humble ourselves before Him…

And those we have wronged.


And yes, we will need to change…

We need to change and adjust joyfully to the changes that happen around us.

They are GOD’s providences and are placed in our lives for GOD’s good purposes.

Adjusting to changes we don’t like isn’t easy.

It takes GOD’s grace to enable us to do it…a day at a time.


Often the needed changes are not in the places we think they need to be.

When long-lasting change is going to happen,

The deep-seated areas of our lives are where change has to happen.

Not on the surface, in the cosmetic places.

But behind the scenes and in the deep, hidden places.

The places we don’t want to go.

The places where the roots are growing…where we think and smolder,

Where we replay scenarios and conversations in our heads…with us as the heroines.


Sometimes an older friend will be able to help us ferret them out easier than our young friends will…

Because they have been doing it longer, at least some of them have.

I challenge you to get to know an older woman…

As a friend.


What was life like for her when she was your age?

If she can tell it with a smile or laugh, you will want to get to know her better.

If she can remind you how faithful GOD was during hard times, you know you will need to know her better.

She will be a treasure to you…and you to her as you forge a mutual friendship.

It will add a texture to your life that will enrich it.


photo: © Laqhill |