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Five Minute Friday is here again!  The rules are as follows: Write for 5 minutes on today’s word.  Link your post to Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday page.  Most important: stop by the person ahead of you in the links and leave an encouraging note.  That’s all there is to it.  Come join us!



Dive in. The water’s fine!

I feel like that’s what I’m doing this year.

Well, I’m diving anyway.

It remains to be seen if the water is fine.


I have no idea what awaits us this year.

We think we will be selling our home and moving closer to one of our daughters and her family.

On the plus side, it will be fun to be near some of our grandchildren.

We live far from all of them!


On the down side, we will be starting over in a new part of the country.

We won’t walk into the grocery store and see friends we have known from when our kids were growing up.

We won’t run into people to whom we have ministered and learn that GOD has blessed them since they moved on.

Right now, the really down side of it all is that we will need to clear out a LOT of things from our house.


After awhile, it is hard to choose.

It gets overwhelming at times.

But we’ll have to continue the dive!

Getting a house ready to sell is not a fun thing…not for me!                    STOP


I feel like the packing and tossing and cleaning and scrubbing and constant decisions

become overwhelming.

I know the boat won’t sink.

I know that GOD’s grace will be completely sufficient for all that must be done.


He is sufficient for all the change…

Something that never seems to stop as we age.

It just seems that often the changes are ones we don’t always choose

We may not even want them…but they need to happen.


Learn how to change as a young person.

It will prepare you for a life of change.

You will learn to watch GOD go ahead of you as you face uncertainties…

He will guide with His strong arm…and prepare the way before you.

I am reminding myself of this fact.