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FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY-a bright idea of Gypsy Mama.  We write for 5 minutes on topic from her prompt.  I briefly edit so it makes sense, add my links and a photo or 2 and send it on its way.   Take a look at her site to see all the other links as well.  They are interesting and creative:)

Where does the process of getting older and wiser begin? with trust in GOD...that He is in control & He knows what is best for us. #older&wiser #beginningofwisdom





Older and wiser?…

That is supposed to happen as we age.  Sometimes it does.  Sometimes we get wiser with age.

How does it happen?…

We learn that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

That is the first step.

We pass through the full gamut of life experience…birth, death, parenthood…or not, infirmity of parents, occasionally we lose a spouse. We live through good times and bad.  Our children grow up…usually.

By the grace of God,  our teaching takes root.  Our children become wise.  They learn to fear God too.

We respond to trials, difficulty, and joys.  We learn to trust God…the One who is sovereign over all of life’s circumstances.  Often, we develop a sense of humor, some patience, perseverance and even some graciousness, with age.

How?  We realize we have so little control over the things we once thought we could control.  We realize that God is wiser than we.  He knew what was best after all!