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Friday is here again.  It arrived amazingly fast!  We had a fun week this week.  We went to TN to visit two families… friends we knew in TX, where they were vacationing.  It was a delightful day spent talking and talking punctuated with lots of laughter.  At one point, the kids closed the door to the house because we were laughing too much and making too much noise for their taste.  How is that for revenge?

This summer has flown by…or is it just me?  School here will soon be starting again.  We’re ready for a vacation!

If you’ve read my blog very long, you know the rules for Five Minute Friday.  If you don’t, you will find them at Lisa-Jo Baker’s FMF page.  Feel free to join the group.  It’s a fun exercise.


The story of my life.

It began shortly after World War II ended.

Yes, I was born the first year of the Baby Boom.

We came after all the soldiers came home from the war, married and settled down.

Now, we are going to skew the social security system…

because there are more of us than there are people to pay into the system…but I digress.


Our world was full of optimism.

The war to end all wars was done.  We had entered into a time of peace…

Or so they thought.

It didn’t work out that way.


For much of my childhood, the Cold War loomed heavy.

At times we were watching over our shoulders for a bomb to drop.

I lived in south Florida.

In 1960, we started having Cubans arrive until they would be able to overthrow Castro.

They thought they were only going to be in the US a short time.

Castro is still in power.


I remember when John Kennedy became president.

I wasn’t old enough to vote for him, but I remember how exciting it was to have a young president.

How sad, that summer after my senior year of high school as we waited to see if their infant would survive.

No, he finally succumbed to his preemie lungs.                                                      STOP


By November, my freshman year of college, his father was assassinated.

It felt like a rerun of Abraham Lincoln.

We were watching history in the making.

By my senior year of college, there were two assassinations that spring: Martin Luther and Bobby Kennedy.

It seemed unbelievable!  The world was going crazy!


Many years later, in 2001, 9/11 happened in New York City.

Could anyone ever imagine a more horrible nightmare?

I know I couldn’t.  The loss that day was immense.

It has changed us and our lives drastically.

We know it could actually happen again..

Someday, somewhere.


The same people who perpetrated that event are still trying to recreate that kind of act again.

The world I live in is so different from the one where I grew up…on so many levels.

My natural response to this world is fear.


But the story of my life and those around me, is being written by the Creator of the Universe.

Despite how it appears, He has a plan and it is being executed.

Each life story is being written…and was planned out before the world was even created!

In the end, this story will bring glory to GOD!


For those of us who are in Christ, we know our ultimate future.

It is going to be delightful.

We just don’t know how the story here is going to finish…

Or how many years are left in our own personal stories.


Even so, come Lord Jesus!