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Five Minute Friday--once again you have arrived.  The brain child of Gypsy Mama.  The rules are simple.

  • Write for 5 minutes flat with minimal editing.
  • Go to Gypsy Mama blog and link to Five Minute Friday page.
  • Be sure not to miss stopping to give an encouraging note to the person before you…and any others you’d like to.


The story of my life.  Often it seems so random.
Events appear to happen with no regard to any planning…
certainly on my part!
At times, they happen so fast, that I can hardly catch my breath before something else happens and I’m reeling again.
At least, that is how it seemed at the time.


As I look back now, there seems to have been a bit more order.
Maybe my memories have categorized the events and tidied them into neat bundles.
I can’t be certain.
I do know that those times that seemed so chaotic once,
now seem to have taken on some order.


I realize that GOD has been writing the story of my life...
but it was not in a vacuum.
It is my story blended in harmony with the story of many others as well.


How did He blend the stories of my parents and me, as well as my siblings into order for His glory?
How has He blended my story with those of my church family in such a way as to bring Him glory?
How is He blending the story of my husband and me with that of our children, their spouses and families in a way that brings Him glory?     (STOP)


I don’t know all the answers.
I just know that He is writing His story…the story of history is HisStory!
We are all in the story.  The writing of it will bring glory to the King of Kings.
If we are “in Christ”, we are part of the group that will be victorious in the end.
We have a future and it is glorious and grand!


Meanwhile, GOD is using each part of our story for His glory and praise.
He is using it to change us into the people He wants us to be!