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5 minute Friday.  My favorite weekly event.  Join me and the rest of us Five Minute Friday-ers.

  • We write for 5 minutes, or when we go over, we let you know.
  • We link to the FMF page at Gypsy Mama.
  • We give an encouraging word to the person before us.


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This is something I know very little about.

I am one of those who grew up in the time when “good Christians” didn’t dance.

Well, that was only one of the things we didn’t do.

We didn’t smoke, drink, go to movies, wear immodest clothes (as defined by some).

There were a host of things we didn’t do.


One day I thought to myself, “If I am a Christian, what do I do?

“Surely I can’t be defined only by what I don’t do.”

That was a turning point for me.

I started paying attention to my list of what a Christian is and believes in…stated positively.


As time went on, I found that my faith was not nearly as depressing as it once had been.

Falling back on Scripture that I had memorized earlier regarding


Suddenly, Christianity came alive for me.

It wasn’t a negative thing that involved what I didn’t do.

It was positive.

Becoming a Christian put me in a place where I could worship GOD!                          STOP


Dancing involves something a person can do with abandon

Even tho’ it doesn’t work that way for my uncoordinated self.

It is a way to express my emotions with someone I love.

I think there will be plenty of holy dancing in heaven.


There won’t be any of the sexual overtones that affect our dancing here.

We will be able to worship GOD with abandon there, yet without crossing boundaries that are inappropriate.

Just as dancing with the one I love here on earth can be enjoyable and a way to express love and closeness

I’m guessing there will be a way to do it in heaven.


I want to dance with you Jesus!


I can Only Imagine by Mercy Me