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photo: iStock_000018163576

photo: iStock_000018163576

Come let us worship and bow down;

Let us kneel before the Lord our GOD our maker.


What does it mean to worship?  I’m not good at brilliant, comprehensive definitions.

However, one large part of worship is realizing that Someone is way bigger and more capable than I…

To manage problems, change hearts…including mine, give new vision…


GOD is much more grand and glorious than I can imagine.

At the very least, I must take time in worship…whether in church at the time,

Or alone with GOD… and bow myself, my desires, preferences… before Him.


Realizing that I am small before Him.

Realizing that I am poor and needy in His presence…

And that only He can fill my emptiness and meet me in my poverty.                             STOP



Five Minute Friday