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A friend is good.                                                                                                                      

A friend cares for you.

A friend will laugh with you…or try to help you laugh when things are hard!

A friend can cry with you…or sit with you when you cry and not talk you out of it.

A friend listens…with her heart AND her head.  She isn’t afraid to give the wise counsel she knows you don’t want.

A friend is not afraid to tell you the trutheven if it is hard, because she loves you and wants the best for you.

A friend will point you to Christ and the truth of His Word, not make you dependent on her and her advice.

A friend treats you as an adult because she knows that ultimately, you are the one who has to live with the consequences of your decisions, even if they aren’t the same as those she would make.

A friend knows you better than you know yourself.  Yet she still loves you.

A friend helps you grow…because she is growing and not sitting stagnant.

A friend encourages you even if her life is a mess.

A friend knows how to pray for you…and does.

Do you have a friend like this?  Take a moment to thank her for being that friend and make some time to spend with her.  If you don’t have this kind of friend, become one!



Whoops!  I forgot to mention…this is Five Minute Friday.  It is the dream child of Gypsy Mama!  We write for five minutes on the topic she gives us and stop.  I read it over to be sure it makes sense, add a photo and the links and it is on its way.  Stop by her site and read some of the other articles and get introduces to other blogs as well.  It’s a lot of fun!