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original photo: iStock:Monkeybusinessimages

A friend…

She laughs with you.

She helps you laugh at yourself.

She cries with you.

She listens.

She notices…

The things others don’t see.


She sees.

She can tell you have been hurt.

When you think you have hidden it so well.

She knows the look in your eyes that others don’t see.

She prays for you.

At times when you need to hear truth that hurts,

She can give it to you in ways you will hear it.


She doesn’t pick at the unimportant things.

Who cares if you are a couple of pounds overweight?

Who cares if things are temporarily off?

She can live with that.

She understands that perfection is not the goal in this life…

Particularly in relationships.


But if there are trends that are destructive?

Leading you in a direction that will harm you…

Or those you love?

Then she might just turn into a mother bear!           STOP

She may not hit you “upside the head”

But she will be very direct…maybe even in your face!

She loves you too much to leave you to your own devices.


Never let this friend go!

She may move away.

But keep up with her.

You need her…and she needs you.

This is the kind of friend we all need…

And need to be!

Five Minute Friday