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It’s 5 Minute Friday again.  This week flew, the time flew. It seemed like I blinked and the week was gone!  Our one day of packing and loading the truck turned into 2 days…of loading both a truck and additional trailer!!  Then, I had to clean the house (couldn’t find an available cleaning lady!).

By the time we left Tyler, it was midnight on Thursday night instead of Thursday morning as we had planned.  We didn’t get very far…to Marshal, TX, and we were too tired to go on.

When we got off the  interstate and turned into the motel, Ron said his truck started grinding when he turned the wheel…and the brakes were boggy!  So our morning started with waiting for the repairman who was 90 minutes away!

Needless to say, we didn’t fidget while we waited.  We enjoyed the rest and time to relax!  It was a much more comfortable wait than the one we would have had on the side of the road!

The brake and steering line O-ring was worn and instead of monitoring the steering/brake fluid, it was spurting it out when either of those things was used!

So here we are…ready to talk about friends…and because of my lack of internet, you are getting this very late!



They are a lot like people.

They come in all sizes and shapes.

I mean that in the physical sense of course.

But even more, in the emotional and spiritual sense!


Some friends we call our close friends.

We agree on many things

Our interests are similar and our paths cross often.

When we were young, we would have considered them to be “best friends.”


A difficult adjustment for me in adulthood was the different levels of friendship!

People are at different stages of life.

Different levels of busy…with high demands on their time!

They don’t have much to bring to a friendship.

Often they see it as too much work.


Not all of us see it that way.

And that is one of the many differences.

Some are invigorated by people and conversation

Others are NOT!

Some naturally tend to be more giving

Others have to learn that skill.                       STOP


But I have also learned that the friendships that aren’t deeply involved can be very valuable.

I have friends I love to spend time doing things together: ministry, crafts, discussing common interests,etc.

Other friends have high demands and we don’t don’t get much time together,

But we love the time we get…over “coffee”, lunch, where we catch up.

It is never enough…but we enjoy the time we get.