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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

Five Minute Friday...including the link to the rules. The word prompt: because.

FellowshipFriday#38...Join me here.


All my life has been full of questions.

“How come?”


“I don’t understand.”


One of the most frustrating answers for me was the answer, “Just because.”

“I can’t really answer your question.

That’s just the way it is.”


I was often like a bulldog with my questions.

It wore my mother out to hear them. They seemed never-ending.

It was not a source of pleasure for her to see my mind that was full of curiosity…

and a quest for knowledge.

For her it was threatening to not know the answers.


Fortunately, my husband enjoyed questions

and didn’t find his not knowing the answers to be a threat,

But rather an opportunity to learn something new.

There was no deadline on getting answers.

It didn’t have to be this minute.


As I walk through life, I’m still full of questions.

But I have learned to accept that there are some things I need to realize

Some answers won’t fully be known this side of eternity.     STOP


I think it is part of what is called walking by faith, not by sight.

Learning to trust that whatever circumstance GOD brings into my life is for my good

No matter how it feels.


I’m learning that I can trust GOD’s good providence…even if it doesn’t feel good now.

Realizing that the end of the story isn’t written yet.

I’m only in the middle of the story that GOD is writing.


I don’t always know the reasons He does things.

Sometimes, for now, I have to settle for “just because”

until the story is done

or until 5 or 10 more years have passed.


For now, I will have to settle for “just because” He loves me.

“Just because” He has my best interest at heart.

“Just because” He is doing something I know nothing about.

“Just because” He is growing me and maturing me

to be more like Him.


What is the “just because” you are having trouble accepting now from GOD?