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She clung to it so tightly.

Nothing was going to allow her to loosen her fingers

From the thing she held tightly in her hand.

She loved it too much.


It was beautiful, but jagged.

She couldn’t loosen it even though its edges

Caused her fingers to bleed

As she tightened them tighter and tighter around it.


It was valuable and she feared someone else would steal it from her grasp.

Her days were filled with thinking about this thing she loved.

…and how she could keep it close to her.

And away from others.

She loved it too much.


As the years went on, her fingers became more and more stiff.

She looked at others with more and more suspicion…

Knowing they wanted to steal her precious object.        STOP

She looked tired and worn from many sleepless nights…

Watching to see if someone was trying to take it from her.


Until one day, she looked at the once beautiful, treasured piece

That she loved and cherished.

She realized that it was no longer beautiful,

But rusty, worn and tattered.


Her damp hands had ruined that tiny piece over time.

Its beauty was gone.

So was its value.

She realized her life had been wasted worrying about something

With almost no long term value.


She had lost friendships and wasted a life

Because she was unwilling to release that tiny bit of stuff

That had little value…to anyone but herself!


She was unwilling to share it or enjoy its beauty with friends.

She was unwilling to risk having it stolen so she could leave it behind

To enjoy a life that was rich in friendships, interests and outreach.

She was unable to trust that something

Or someone could be more valuable

Than this tiny thing that ruled her beautiful life…


At least it was once.


It took all day to get this post up as I flew across the US…from Seattle to Alabama via Texas!  Had trouble finding a photo I wanted, yada, yada.  Just when I would be chugging along on the net, we would have to land and I had to turn it off!  Finally finished even though the post itself took 5 minutes up to the “stop” when I wrote it Thursday night.  I can’t do miracles!:)



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