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photo: © James Steidl –


They tell a lot about a person

Is she nervous and fidgity

Or can she let her hands rest calmly in her lap?


Does she love to garden?

Sometimes she might have a little dirt under her nails.

And they may be scratched from working around thorns.

Gardeners’ hands aren’t always beautiful…

Unless they are carrying some of the flowers or vegetables they grow.


Does she have to wash her hands a lot for her job?

Then they may not always be as soft as she would like.

Are her hands soft and smooth

Because she has never had to work?

Or are they knarled and worn from age

With veins distended, showing hands worn by time and use?


What about his strong, loving hands that we grow to depend on?     STOP

When we are afraid, we grab them

Whether it is because of a scary movie or for reassurance

When we are scared to death over a crisis.


We look at our hands to see

Is the person sophisticated, calm, healthy, groomed, married?

Are their hands soft, rugged, tiny, or large?


Are their hands both there?

Or has there been an injury with a story that

Tells you something about that person?


Most of all, remember the nail scarred hands of Jesus.

Imagine seeing them.  Just a look.

It would be a reminder of what He did for me.

Nothing has to be said.

Just seeing the scars reminds me…

He loved me that much!

Five Minute Friday     


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