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Beauty is only skin deep.  It’s a saying I’ve heard most of my life.  But is it true?

Is the beauty we see on the outside true beauty?  or is it just the wrapping on the outside of a gift we must discover?

What is true beauty?

How many times have you wanted to know the “beautiful people” of this world, only to find that either there was nothing there to know or what you learned when you knew them better was anything but beautiful!

For the females in my audience, how many times were you shut out by the beautiful girls in school because you didn’t dress right, look right or do things the way they wanted?

Before it looks like I have something against people who look beautiful, I don’t.  Some of my best friends are beautiful…however, few of them know it.

The thing about beauty, physical beauty that is, is that much of it is skin deep and usually temporary.  Much of it is also out of our control!  We can’t control the parents we had.  The way the genes went together and quirked up our faces, hair color, eyes, size, etc.  It was all out of our control!  It can be gone in a moment of an accident, illness or gradually with age.

There is only one aspect of beauty that we can control.  It is the inner part.  How do we respond to pain, difficulty, disappointment?  Complaining? Holding onto bitterness? Gossiping? Gratefulness to God?

How do we respond to joy, happiness, success, triumph?  Rubbing it in to those around me?  Accepting it with humility?  A spirit of gratefulness to God?

Our responses in these arenas show whether our beauty is deeper than skin deep.  The inner beauty lasts when skin sags, wrinkles come, memories fade…true beauty comes from God’s work of grace in our lives…and our cooperation with what He is doing in us.

Charm is deceitful, beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised.


For those of you unfamiliar with Five Minute Friday, we link to Gypsy Mama from all over.  We write for 5 minutes with minimal editing about a topic she gives us.  That’s it!  I find a photo, add my links, correct typos, make sure it makes sense and there you have it:)  Pop over to Gypsy Mama and read about her life and/or see some of the takes others had on beauty.  They’re short and very creative!