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Photo of large, white, marble, modern, art museum with sculptures in hallway.

photo credit: Adam Kuban via photopin cc

Saturday, I had the opportunity to see some beautiful art at our local art museum.  It is a visiting show from the Wyeth family.  After watching the nearly one hour video about Andrew Wyeth and his life, we then went to see his art.  By that time, I wanted to see his work.  He sounded like someone I would have liked to meet!  The show included works from his father and his son Jamie as well.  Each had a different style for sure.  But I did love Andrew’s especially!

He had a beautiful way of showing the drama of light and dark, shadows and often very “neutral” colors.  We found it interesting when we looked closely at pictures that looked like they were in blacks and browns, that actually, they included teals, greens, blues and other unexpected colors mixed in with the browns and blacks.  It was beautiful!

The glory of color both in creation and in beautiful art is amazing!

It was a reminder to me of the glory of GOD’s creation and particularly color and its complexity.  We look at a color like black and think that is all there is to it, but depending on the lighting, it can include many other colors.  Technically, it does include all the colors…that is, if I understand the little I know about color.

If you haven’t visited an art museum recently, take the time to do it. It isn’t a snooty place to go like I once thought.  It is just a place to observe excellence…and beauty!  Take your children. They will enjoy using their imagination.  Ask them questions about what they are seeing.  What are their favorites?  When they look at modern art, what do they see?  What do they like about it?  What don’t they like?

Show them different types of art in the museum.  Let them learn to enjoy it and the beauty it provides.  It is an enriching, enjoyable activity for all the family.  It develops parts of our brains that need developing.  I wish I had taken advantage of it when my children were small.  It is replenishing to the soul.  It takes you back to pleasant memories of times past, colors that are fun, funky shapes and patterns, or experiences and places you would like to know better.  It is a creative gift from the artist to us.

If you go with a group, take advantage of a docent. You will learn a lot and be able to ask questions.

If you are in a group, there are often docents who will tell you about some of the art…if you call ahead.  The stories behind the pieces are extremely interesting!  So in the year ahead, take time to visit an art museum…the bigger the better usually.  In some cities, they are least on certain days.

Remember, you don’t have to see everything on one visit.  Local museums often have traveling shows that are in town for short periods that are especially interesting to your family.  But you can return at other times to see their regular exhibits.

Go forward and enjoy the beauty that GOD has gifted people to express so well!

This is a post I came across that was first published 11/19/2012. I hope you enjoy it!