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What is 5 Minute Friday?  It is the brain child of Gypsy Mama.

  • We write for 5 minutes on the word for the day.  Then stop.
  • I add in photo(s), links and read it over once to be sure it makes sense.
  • Then the post is on its way and I link it on her blog.
  • Afterwards, I read the person ahead of me and write an encouraging comment.  Depending on the time available, I wrtie others as well.


Open…to a New Year–2012

Open…to growth

To knowing God in new and deeper ways.

Open…to the gifts God has for me this year.

Open…to God’s plans for me and mine.


Will there be joy…or tragedy?  Only God knows.

Will there be change?  Of course!

Will I like the change that comes?  Not always.

Will I learn to trust God more in the middle of unpleasant change?

By His grace, I hope so.


Will God remain faithful?  Absolutely!

He is the Rock I can depend on.

I will be open to Him

I will accept whatever happens as coming from His hand.

I will be open to His will…His pleasure.