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Now this is a topic on which I can say I’m an expert!  There has been a lot of forgetting going around here in the past few years.

It started with a major flare of my epilepsy about ten years ago.  I had four years of seizures…at least once a month and at times, weekly…after nearly 30 years of a breakthrough seizure every 7-10 years, that was a lot of seizures…and cramped my lifestyle in a major way!  (Oh yes, they were grand mal.  My crunched tongue can tell you that!)

But that problem was resolved and my brain came back to life for the most part.  I forget dates, I always have.  Now I forget names more, even names I know well.  I forget words.  The word I want won’t come so I give my husband synonyms and we find the word together.  It’s a game…sort of.

Not getting enough sleep, having to deal with too many details, getting overwhelmed, getting overloaded with information…it is so easy to forget in these settings.

I have learned that memory is a gift.  The ability to think is a gift.  There are no guarantees how long we will have those gifts.  God doesn’t owe them to us.  They are only a gift…for now.

But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness…”  II Corinthians 12:9  (context 12:7-10)



This is Five Minute Friday.  It is an exercise from the blog GypsyMama. Go take a look at her blog either from this link or click the button on the right.  There are many of us who link to this blog and write on the topic for five minutes.  We’d be glad for you to join us.  These are fun.  They don’t have to be perfect!

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