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photo: iStock: ImagineGolf

photo: iStock: ImagineGolf

ZOOM!  Another week is gone.  The work that the landlord promised to do is not started yet, but the manager has finally been able to get him to agree to it.  It will start on Tuesday.  Yeah!  I want to get it over and done with so I can truly be settled in.  I’m told it will take 3 days.  By then, I hope to have the other parts of the house settled.  Then we just might be good to go.  I’m ready!

I think you are familiar with the Five Minute Friday rules.  If not, the link will send you to Lisa-Jo Baker’s page and you can read them there.

The word?  VIEW


I have a view that is different from most of my readers.

It isn’t higher or lower

It isn’t better or worse.

It isn’t even more or less beautiful than yours.

It is different.


It is more like being on the other side of the mountain…or a few mountains.

Yet being able to see where you are,

Where I have been,

But not completely where I am going.


I have been through the pain of miscarriage and stillbirth.

The joy of healthy children and grandchildren…with its own accompanying joys and pain.

The raising of children who were each quite different.

Of watching them grow and develop into beautiful women…

And wives, mothers… professional women as well.


They haven’t done all of them at the same time always.

But they are doing all of those things.              STOP


Although I never thought of myself as patient,

I realize that the process developed patience in me.

I am more patient, not only with the process GOD is working in my children,

But in my spouse…and most of all, in myself.


That is where I see the slowest growth…because I know myself and my heart the best!

GOD is at work in me, my family, my friends and my church.

He works in ways I don’t always appreciate, but He is working just the same.


Because my view is from the perspective of someone who has been married almost 45 years

Raised 3 children,

Lived in a variety of settings,

Worked as an RN,

Lived cross-culturally…

I have a viewpoint that is different from yours.

It might even be helpful to you.


But when I think of GOD’s perspective…

WOW!  What must it be like to look at all the events happening in our world

From an eternal viewpoint?