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afterI’m sitting here in Huntsville, AL safely ensconced in my daughter’s home.  I slept a few hours but the medication I took last night is not agreeing with my stomach.  I’m letting the prilosec ease the discomfort now while I write.  In a few hours, I’ll start hunting for a house to rent.

Although we’ve been planning for this change for awhile, it seems to have happened with breath-taking speed!  I’m not sure my brain has caught up with all the events yet.

But we’re here for 5 Minute Friday!  Let’s get to it.  I looked over the rules again today and will repeat them as they are stated.  Looks like I have been fudging a bit.




I’ve lived through many afters.

After the wedding and after college were only a month apart!

After the miscarriage…a sad moment in time.

After the stillbirth…a dark, crushing loss after such high hopes.

After that first healthy daughter when I thought I would float away forever with joy!

After she slept through the night at six weeks…when I thought I would never sleep through a night again!

After my father’s sudden death…the shock, the loss, the grief that would not go away.

After finding GOD in places I never expected.

After Jamaica where our other two daughters were born and added their own joy to our family.

After the place where I learned so much about life, and people, and values, and friendships.    STOP

After unemployment and anger with GOD and not understanding His ways and not understanding His people.

After challenges, churches, changes…

And a GOD who proved sufficient to each need.

And now, after more than one retirement,

After the sale of our home where we have lived for most of 25 years

We are starting over in a new place later this month.

We will have a new Beginning…built on many afters.