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It’s all in your perspective!

So true.

Do I look at life from the perspective of me and mine?

And how each event affects us?


Or am I able to get a glimmer of GOD’s perspective?

He is so much grander and larger than my tiny world…

Than my limitations of time and space.

My past and future…

As He sees it, is all now and present tense.


His goal for me is holiness

The kind that makes makes the template of my life more like Him!

My version of Jesus to the world, is unique.

It is as different from the next Christian as one fingerprint is from all the rest.


The trouble and stress He allows is given by Him so I will learn to be patient.

I WILL learn that lesson…over time!

He sends people who are difficult so I will learn to forgive and not become bitter

I WILL learn that lesson…over time.

Those are some of His purposes for me.


I will not be perfect in my application of these truths

while still on earth.

But He will see to it that I learn these and other lessons as He works out my salvation.


Now I have another perspective

That of an older adult woman.

I have raised my children.

I have lived to see them married and parenting.


This is a perspective I like in many ways…

but it is also sad.


I realize the time flew so fast.

I wasted much of it on unimportant pursuits.

I don’t have as many options before me as I once did.

But I have the benefit of seeing how faithful GOD has been.

He has been good and gracious…beyond anything I deserved.

Each twist and turn in the road has been good for me and mine.

They brought growth and change, as well as pain…

to places I needed His work more than I knew!


GOD, give me eyes to see your perspective in the everydayness of my life.

Give me courage to face the changes I don’t want.

Most of all, help me not to coast on past accomplishments!  AMEN.


Yes, I went over, but I’m not sure by how much.  I’m not home with my timer.