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Another week has flown by!  My husband has turned another year older and we have visited with some realtors this week.  They even liked our house!

Yes,  it has been a very busy week!  Now it’s time for Five Minute Friday so hop on and enjoy the ride.

In case you would like to write your five minutes, here are the rules:

  • Write for 5 minutes!  That’s it…if you get long-winded, let us know when your 5 minutes ran out.
  • Link to Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday page.
  • Last, and most important?  Stop at the neighbor just before you and leave her an encouraging note…along with anyone else you care to visit!

That’s all there is to it!  Join us with your Five Minute Friday link or just stop by the links and get introduced to quite a few interesting people.



I’m being reminded of the words to the song,

This world is not my home, I’m just a-passin’ through.

My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue….”

Yes, we’re starting to work our way through a large collections of stuff.

Lots and lots of it!


The thought of packing it all up and dragging it across the country is overwhelming at times.

Makes me want to crawl in a hole, in fact!

But wait!  We’re down-sizing.  That won’t work will it?


I’ve done enough tossing that I have clean surfaces in places I haven’t had, for a long time.

The unclutter bug is biting as I see more and more space

and feel freer and freer.


Life doesn’t feel nearly as chaotic when things have a place to be put…or they are gone!

Now I must pull things out of closets and get them ready for a garage sale…

or just throw them out!  I know, novel idea isn’t it?


So we keep moving on.

The realtors have come and given their recommendations.

The list is made for phone calls tomorrow.

More appointments must be made for things to be done on the house.     STOP


Once again I can say with joy…

I’m so glad I won’t have to pack for my eternal journey!

Everything I need will be there…and more!