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opportunity,5minutefriday, 2013After a month break, Five Minute Friday is back!  I missed it, but during Christmas, it was good to have the break.  For the newbies, FMF has just a few rules.

  • Write for 5 minutes and leave it at that.  I try, but I sometimes get carried away!  “Stop” tells you when the 5 minutes ran out.  I add my photos and lay out my post after the 5 minutes, but you don’t even have to do that!  I’m just a little OCD.
  • Link  your post to Gypsy Mama’s FMF page.
  • Most important of all!  Leave an encouraging message at the post ahead of yours…and any others you want.




A new opportunity

it sits there like a new snowfall.

untouched, clean,

glistening in the sun.

there are no tracks to mess it up.


…or a new born baby              


screaming at the light.

after she is washed and wrapped

so clean and cozy,

calm and fresh.

unhurt by harsh words

or pushed around by older brothers or sisters.

she curls up and nurses

in the safety of

her mother’s warm arms.


Those two views give us

a snapshot of the opportunity of a new year

It is a way to start out on a new page, the story of our lives.


We have a new opportunity…

  • to forgive
  • to grow                                                                stop
  • to love
  • to stretch

to watch GOD work…

  • in our lives
  • in the lives of those we love
  • in the church of which we are a part
  • in the community where we live
  • in the world that needs Him


This opportunity is also one where we have

the comfort and assurance

of the presence of GOD,

as the newborn baby has her mother and father

  • to protect her
  • to teach her
  • to encourage her.


In this opportunity that stretches before us,

we can trust GOD for the things we will face this year.

We don’t know what is ahead, but He does.

Thankfully, He is up to each challenge that faces us!