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Once again the week has flown by.  It’s now 5 Minute Friday.  The rules are simple.

  • Write on the given word for 5 minutes with little to no editing.
  • Link to Gypsy Mama’s 5 Minute Friday page.
  • Most important?  Visit the person ahead of you and leave an encouraging note…and anyone else you care to visit as well!


Grasp each opportunity!
Hang onto it with all your might!


Enjoy it.
It is a gift.
Embrace it.


Most of all,
learn to recognize opportunity
when it is knocking.


Is it a child?  Your own?
Love her.
Make time to cuddle her.
Enjoy the person she is becoming.


Is it an obnoxious person that you want to avoid?
What do you need to learn from him?
What is GOD teaching you about the value of a human being through him?


Is it a person who is always correcting you?
One who never seems to notice your fine qualities?
Do you need that kind of person in your life in order to grow?


Learn from her.
It isn’t fun.
Learn that when you are giving correction,
you want to do it with more kindness and grace than she does.


Grasp each opportunity that GOD gives you
to show His glory to the world,
to grow to be more like Him,
to be Christ to those around you.


Grasp your opportunities
and grow from each one,
enjoyable or not!




I can’t believe I finished this in 5 minutes this week!  It’s the first time in a long time that I haven’t rambled on:)


photo:  gregepperson