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photo: © Dowdens |

The path is broad, green and lush

All around are beautiful, wildflowers smiling up at the sun.

A few large trees nearby offer shade from the worst of the day’s heat.

This part of the path is my favorite.  I want to live here forever!


But my life isn’t interesting and my spirit doesn’t grow and stretch

Until my path leads me through dark places.

When shadows loom larger than life.

Where I am afraid to move another step because the way is so dark

The rocks are steep and I’m surrounded by cliffs and steep drop-offs.


Sometimes I feel completely alone with storms raging all around me.

I want the path to lead in a different direction.

But He guides me as I trust Him…and even during the times I don’t!

He knows the way.  He is leading me on the path.


He is growing me through each part of the path.

As He grows me, He changes me too…

To be more like Him

Is that amazing grace or what?


Five Minute Friday…You know the rules by now don’t you?  Write for 5 minutes. Minimal edits. Link to Gypsy Mama.  Stop to encourage the person ahead of you.  Short and simple.  Come join us:)