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Once again, Five Minute Friday has arrived.  Today’s prompt is Identity.  I didn’t use the word, but the idea is fully present in my post!  As a child of GOD, a Christian, a believer, a person who is “in Christ”…my identity IS in Christ.

Has my lifestyle caught up with my identity?  That is a thought for us to ponder.

For those new to FMF, the rules are listed on Gypsy Mama‘s blog and on most of my other FMF posts so I won’t go over the drill this week!  It was a long night at work last night…a very long night!


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Who am I?

What I look like on the outside?

Is that really me?


With my happy face on

and my laugh ever-present?

With my pretty clothes and make-up

all in place…

all neat and nice?

Is that who I am?


What about the days when I am bloated and blue?

When I don’t have a smile

When I don’t have the energy or desire to put on make-up?

Is that who I am?


Or am I the mom who loses her temper

when her children cross her?

or worse, her husband!

Is that me?


Am I the woman whose life is a mess?

Who is overwhelmed about where to begin cleaning it up

and sorting it out?

Is that who I am?


Am I the person who in my dark moments,

hears words of the Accuser…and believes them?

Are his words true?

The words of the Father of Lies?

Is that who I really am?


If I am in Christ, this is who I am:


There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 

For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus

from the law of sin and death.  

For God has done what the law, 

weakened by the flesh, 

could not do. 

By sending his own Son 

in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, 

He condemned sin in the flesh…  

Romans 8:1-3



In Christ, I am free to do His will

I am forgiven

I am adopted into the family of GOD.


In Christ, I am righteous, because my righteousness is not mine

but the righteousness of Christ!


Each sin I have ever committed was forgiven at the cross.

Each one has been paid in full by Jesus…on the cross.

I don’t have to do penance.

I don’t have to suffer alone…

Out of fellowship with GOD and others.


I am free, in Christ, to obey

and live the life of a forgiven daughter of the King!


photo: I was unable to find the company where I got the photo.  It is not one of my usuals.  the credit on the photo is all I have.  If you are aware, I would love to know so I can give further credit.  The first post where I used this deleted my original credit!  mb