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Five Minute Friday, the brainchild of Gypsy Mama, has arrived once more!  The days are flying.  

I’ve already started packing for Allume, but right now, it’s time to write…for 5 minutes…no looking back…link to her page…and the most important part?  Stop by the person ahead of you and give her an encouraging word…along with any others you would like to visit!

****DING! DING! DING!  Just for the record, this is my 300th post on  Amazing!  You are one of the many that has kept me going.  Thanks for being a part of my blogging audience.



Look at me!

Words your mother may have said

when you wouldn’t listen to her.


But others say them too…

With their eyes

With their behavior

With the words they don’t say.


How many times do you look into the eyes of a child and see hurt there?

Maybe it is your own child when your words are sharp and cut like a knife.

Maybe it is a child you don’t know well.

But in their eyes, you see hurt and fear.

You wonder if they are cared for and loved well.


Other times, you see fear and resentment in the eyes of an older child or teen.

They have either been unable to feel heard or there has been long term hurt that cuts deep…

physically or emotionally.


Or have you looked into the eyes of some women?

They may be so beaten down, they don’t say much.

Their friends comment on how sweet they are.

But you see someone who has learned that it isn’t safe to speak up.

It isn’t safe to share her true self.

The part of her that GOD created and called good

has been belittled, intimidated or sarcasmed to oblivion.                 STOP


You see the people who seem to be angry most of the time…or sad or resentful.

They can’t manage the feelings that are so strong and out of control.

You look at them and watch their behavior.


You see how they relate to others around them

and wonder if they would be different if they knew they were loved…

For who they were, not for what someone wanted them to be.


But most of all, if they were loved by their Creator?

If they knew and truly believed that, how would their lives be changed?


You look at them and say,

“Thank you GOD.

Thank you that I am getting a taste of the truth that you love me.

Thank you for the family you gave me

and the people you brought into my life.

Each one has helped me look at You

in a new and fresh way.

Each one has shown me

a bit of who you are.

Help me to love these people around me in a way

that communicates that love to them.   Amen.”