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The struggle I have, and truthfully, always have

Has been to learn to live beyond me, beyond myself.


I want to live within my easy borders.

I don’t want to stretch too hard beyond my limits of endurance.

I love comfort, peace, calm.  I’m sure I’m not alone.


Yes, I’ve lived outside my comfort zone many times, but I don’t seek it out.

I think that is why GOD has often placed me in places where I must stretch.


He knows I won’t naturally go there.

Often I get into those places totally unexpectedly.


Think about parenting…or even marriage.

I dreamed of those two things from the time I was a little girl.


Granted, both were great in many delightful ways.

However, that first fight after being married was no fun…

Or the times I realized I was stubborn, really stubborn…and didn’t want to change.


And the first week after coming home from the hospital with baby #1.

Is there anything that can prepare you for the weariness of body and brain?

I don’t think so.  I thought I would never, ever sleep again.  But I did!


There were other years that were difficult too.

Transition years…when we thought we would never find a job.


Pulpit committees were having opposite findings re my husband and his abilities.

One week he was too this, the next month, too that (opposite trait).

He hadn’t changed.       STOP


Were we where GOD wanted us?

What was GOD doing?  We couldn’t understand why it had to be so difficult.

We wanted to serve Him. Somewhere.  Anywhere.


Among the many things He was doing then was humbling us.   No, we’re not there yet!

He was developing patience in us…and it only comes one way!

Through trials, difficulty.

We had to learn to wait, and trust GOD!


Always, when our endurance seemed like something that was beyond us…

GOD intervened.

He provided for our needs through many means, usually jobs at just the right time.


His faithfulness has been amazing!

It is good to know that He is in control of all that happens in our lives.

Nothing takes Him by surprise.  We are His people.


At times, I feel like a misfit.  I probably am!

Slowly, I have realized it isn’t always a bad thing.

I don’t fit into easy categories.

I don’t think like most people.


There are reasons for that.

But I can rejoice because even though I may not fit,

God is making me into a special person for Him.


 But you are a chosen race, 

a royal priesthood,

 a holy nation, 

a people for his own possession,

that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness

into his marvelous light.

  Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people;

once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.

I Peter 1:9-10


I’m grateful God keeps working in my life, and most of all,

That He has shown mercy to me and the rest of us that He is drawing to Himself.

The Day when we, His special, chosen, holy people will stand before Him in glory.

Won’t it be fantabulously glorious?


That’s right!  Today is 5 minute Friday!  The rules are simple.

  • Write for 5 minutes and keep it simple.  Not a lot of editing.  Just write it down and that’s it.
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