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As you can see, I hit the wall on my 90 day reading of the Bible.

It didn’t help that I went out of town for about a week, got caught in a storm and came home behind.  Or that I had the worst week of work last week that I’ve had in a long time.  I have now finished the readings I needed to, to begin week 10, which I’ve started today.

If you have been reading the Bible in 90 day plan (chronological)  and are still plowing on, you’re doing great!  Congratulations!

If you got stuck like I did, get back up on the horse.  The goal is not to finish in 90 days per se, the goal is to finish reading the Bible.  We don’t have to get hung up on the number of days.  It would have been nice to do it in 90 days.  If I had kept at it, I would be finishing this week.  But since I can’t do it, I need to pick up and start back up where I lost my way.

If I’m counting right I have three more weeks to go.  So this week, join me as we finish the Old Testament and start the New Testament!

What a great way to prepare for Advent...Christmas!  If I can keep going like I was before, I’ll be done in about three weeks.

And now, for the development of my perseverance!  Ack!  It’s not doing very well lately.