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Despite my slowness, I’ve made my list for the New Year…2012.  Some blogs are listing their word for the year.


#1 is my word for now.  I hope it won’t take a year to FINISH.  It may take 6 months.  The rest are also words for my year.  I will give updates as the year goes on.

  1. FINISH…all the projects I’ve started;  all the projects I’ve planned to do (in my realistic moments? no my idealistic ones!); and give up on the hopeless ones.
  2. SORT…through the excess stuff that needs to be sold in a garage sale, given away or tossed.
  3. START…the baby quilt for grandbaby #7…our 5th granddaughter, so it will be ready by the time she is born in May.
  4. SIMPLIFY…our life.  Have a simpler schedule.  A simpler life-style…a more orderly one as well.
  5. REMEMBER…the gifts GOD has given me.  Make time to be grateful.  Remember who HE is!  Live your life in light of that.

How about you?  

Have you thought about some goals for the New Year?  

Or do you need to revise the ones you made January 1?  

Tell us about it!

By the way, this is my 200th post.  I’m pretty excited!